About Us

WN Institute

Our socio-economic reality has inspired WN Capital to invest in the development of SME through training and institutional development, for this purpose, we have created a special purpose vehicle to help stimulate local economic development using various intervention such as research and data analysis, workshop and conferences and soon we will launch an online platform. Our approach to development is sector and industry-specific


Being part of our beautiful country provides the opportunity to contribute to society, so we co-founded OUR HEALTH. Our vision with movement is to make quality healthcare accessible and affordable for all. The initiative has provided Free Quality Healthcare to communities in the townships and small towns around the country. We have a team of hardworking medical professionals who are inspired to help communities. This initiative is spearheaded by the B KIND ALWAYS Foundation, a Social Change movement through branding, innovation and design.


Our vision is to fuel the dreams of hard-working entrepreneurs who yearn to change the world by making access to finance inclusive. We are a multi-skilled team with diverse expertise in finance, government affairs, public sector business strategy, enterprise development, local economic development, and start-up development.


B. Kind® Always is a Movement for Social Change.

We are inspired by the brave and fearless champions that are determined to lift others, one act of kindness at a time. These are men and women, who are not confined by the dictates of culture, race or nationality to pursue social justice. We refer to such men and women as the
Advocates of Good.

We believe that innovation in healthcare, nutrition has emancipatory power to effect Social Change.
Innovation, in our view, is not truly disruptive until it elevates the dignity of all humanity.